as part of the corporate culture

Unisteel Technology Malaysia has recognized just how valuable diversity is to the success of the company. Whether in terms of origin, gender, age or religion – diversity forms part of Unisteel’s corporate culture.

Added value

  • Diversity increases both productivity and flexibility
  • Different skills, mindsets and perspectives as an advantage
  • Further education programs result in more motivated employees

40% employees from foreign countries
Like all companies in Malaysia, rapid economic growth means that Unisteel relies on foreign employees. 60% of the workforce comes from Malaysia, 25% from Nepal, 10% from Indonesia and 5% from other countries. Overall, specialists from ten different countries work at Unisteel Malaysia. This diversity ensures workforce stability, reduces training periods and boosts both productivity and flexibility. Having colleagues from multiple countries also reduces the company’s dependence on individual nations, which can be advantageous in times of crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Member of the Responsible Business Alliance
Of course, this multitude of nationalities also poses some challenges. Unisteel continuously strives to create a discrimination-free environment and gears these efforts towards the principles of the Responsible Business Alliance. Employees are given many different opportunities to express themselves, report problems at an early stage and contribute new ideas.

In the interest of promoting social diversity and improving working conditions within the company, Unisteel not only implements an internal audit program for labor and human rights, but also conducts RBA self-assessments and RBA audits. Unisteel was just recently ranked with the “RBA SILVER” award in recognition of these efforts.

Unisteel Malaysia has set up a complaints mechanism for reporting misconduct, which can be triggered for incidents that take place both at the workplace and in the connected dormitory. Unisteel provides foreign workers with interpreters to overcome language barriers.

Manish Kumar Gupta, Nepalese (middle)
“Language is not a barrier here at Unisteel”

Equal opportunities for all
Unisteel is convinced that the different cultures help the company advance and that its customers benefit from the widely diverse range of skills, mindsets and perspectives.

Offering equal opportunities throughout all phases of employment makes Unisteel an attractive employer. All candidates – regardless of gender or ethnicity – have the same opportunities with respect to the application process, hiring, training, career development and pay. Appropriate training is offered for people with impairments. Employment contracts are issued in the language of each individual employee, which ensures transparency from the very first day onward.

Women well represented
Diversity is also seen in the high proportion of women working at Unisteel Malaysia. 25% of the leadership positions are filled by women. Unisteel also promotes employees’ work/life balance by offering maternity and paternity leave as well as other measures that are designed specifically to meet the needs of mothers.


Young people on the rise
The workforce also has a very diverse age structure. Unisteel has been extremely successful in recruiting younger workers. One thing that stands out in particular is that the proportion of Malaysian men and women is the same among Millennials (people born between 1981 and 1996), whereas the men constantly outnumber the women in every other age group.

Unisteel systematically opens its doors to young graduates from a wide range of disciplines such as finance, mechanical engineering and operations management. It also offers employees a diverse range of training initiatives including leadership training and coaching, stints at SFS locations abroad and technical training, for example. Unisteel also helps its employees earn university degrees.

Mohd Fahmi Bin Ibrahim, Malaysier (right) and Lee Kong Chin, Chinese aus Malaysia (left)
“We help each other and work well together regardless of our backgrounds.”

“I enjoy working with colleagues from other countries.”

Focus on employee well-being
Consistent attention is paid to maintaining the highest standards in areas defined by the RBA, such as efforts to end child labor, as well as to ensure appropriate working conditions, flexible working time arrangements and fair wages. Other key issues include employee well-being and the protection of personal data.

What’s more, a great deal of energy is being invested in awareness-raising measures for employees and managers, in particular, to promote responsible conduct and, doing so, implement a working environment free of violence, pressure and fear. Managers attend a developmental program, for example, that is designed to motivate them to implement and maintain a team-based culture where differences are viewed as assets and leveraged to boost productivity.

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of all Unisteel employees
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